All images are currently printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Professional paper. This paper allows for rich, accurate color and nice deep blacks, smooth tonal distribution, and maximum print life. It is traditional light sensitive photo paper that is exposed using an LED light source, then processed in RA-4 chemistry. Because it is real photo paper, prints have the look and feel of traditional photographs, while giving me ultimate control of the accuracy and outcome of the print. They are absolutely stunning! I have gone to great lengths to reproduce the look of my prints for internet display (see FAQ's for more thoughts on this subject), but the actual prints exceed customer expectations time and time again.

All images are available as a "print only" or "matted print." Matted prints are recommended since I can sign on the mat and not on the print itself (for archival reasons), and are available with either a -museum white- or -deep black- 100% cotton mat. Cotton (also called "rag mat") is trusted by museums around the world since it's naturally acid & lignin free. I will be offering framed prints in the near future, although I've found that most people prefer the "print only" or "matted print" for one simple reason: choosing their own frame. All prints are currently open edition and hand signed.


Nothing is worse than buying a "fine art" print and watching it degrade because it was improperly handled or displayed, or worse, printed on less than archival paper (inks are currently not an issue with my prints since they are made with traditional photo papers). All photographic prints change over time, but a few simple precautions will ensure that your prints last a lifetime! Prints should be displayed under glass or acrylic as soon as possible, or left in the original plastic shipping sleeve until it is framed. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, and if handling them make sure you are wearing cotton gloves or at least have clean hands. Remember, this applies to the person framing your print as well!


Shopping on this website is a completely secure experience; your private information is processed through PayPal, a trusted and secure online payment portal, and is not used for ANY means other than to process your purchase. Period! As previously stated, my prints repeatedly exceed customer expectations, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy with your print for any reason, you may return it for a full refund, provided the print is undamaged and in it's original plastic sleeve. Refund requests should be made within 10 days of the receipt of your order. Great care is also taken in packaging your order, so your print(s) arrive in mint condition. Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. In most cases, allow 7-10 days for your order to arrive, unless you live on the East Coast or are outside the United States. Please contact me if you require expedited delivery.


If you located in Juneau and would like to avoid shipping charges (after all, I live in Juneau!) simply contact me directly and other payment/delivery methods can be arranged. Or, if you prefer to use a credit card, you may still place your order online and I will refund the shipping charges when I deliver your order.

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