Alaska... is enormous. Three times the size of Texas, it holds enough untouched wilderness and undiscovered places to last a lifetime. Whether it's giant glaciers, towering mountains, endless forests, or spectacular light, there is a dizzying array of beauty everywhere you look. To capture it with a camera can be an enormous challenge, but I do my best... besides, it couldn't be more fun!

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Incredible light illuminates a ridge at the base of Bullard Mountain and reflects in the waters of Mendenhall Lake (near the Mendenhall Glacier).
November Reflections

Amazing winter light at Steep Creek, near the Mendenhall Glacier, after a large January snowstorm.
Winter, Sun & Snow

Beautiful blue icebergs float in the waters of Tracy Arm/Fords Terror Wilderness, located South of Juneau, Alaska.
Tracy Arm Icebergs

Evening reflection of Thunder Mountain from Skater's Cabin area of Mendenhall Lake.
Thunder Mountain

June sunset from Brotherhood Park, located in the Mendenhall Valley.
Lone Tree Sunset

September at the Mendenhall Glacier, with the surrounding landscape glowing in the late afternoon light.
Mendenhall Fall

Taken in December, the Mendenhall Glacier reflects in the waters of Mendenhall Lake and glows in the magic light right before sunset.
December Reflections

A sunny September afternoon on the shores of Auke Recreational Area, taken at high tide.
Land & Sea

Summer Fireweed in Brotherhood Park, located in the Mendenhall Valley, with the Mendenhall Glacier in the background.
Classic Juneau

Beautiful May sunset from Fritz Cove (near Auke Bay) looking out towards the Chilkat Mountains.
Fritz Cove Sunset

Native Alaskan Totem Pole near Auke Recreational Area surrounded by beautiful fall foliage.
Autumn Guardian

A perfect reflection of Mt. McGinnis & Mendenhall towers in the waters of Auke Lake.
October Reflections

Beautiful lupine, buttercup flowers and sunrise from Point Louisa at 4:30AM, looking towards Auke Bay and Thunder Mountain.
Point Louisa Lupine

Looking up towards Mt. McGinnis from the West Glacier Trailhead, this time of the year only accesible by cross country skis, snowshoes, etc.
West Glacier Trailhead

Massive driftwood occupying the shores of Auke Recreational Area, near Auke Bay, Alaska.
Driftwood at Sunset

Moonset over the Chilkat Mountain Range, taken at sunrise on a cold February morning.
Moonset Over Chilkats

July sunset out the road, looking west towards the waters of Favorite Channel, Lynn Canal and the Chilkat Mountains.
Tee Harbor Sunset

On the approach to South Sawyer Glacier, one of the most beautiful glaciers in all of Southeast Alaska.  Located in the Tracy Arm/Fords Terror Wilderness
South Sawyer Glacier

Taken from the Fisherman's Bend dock in beautiful Auke Bay, Alaska.
Auke Bay Sunset

The Mendenhall Glacier and a frozen Mendenhall Lake basking the alpenglow of an Alaskan sunset.
Cold December Sunset

Taken from same location as Tee Harbor Sunset #1 except with a telephoto lens.
Tee Harbor Sunset

Mt. McGinnis (on the left) and Mt. Stroller White from the Brotherhood Park area in the Mendenhall Valley on a chilly Winter day.
Twin Peaks

Looking South/Southwest towards Admiralty Island on an August afternoon at Auke Recreational Area, one of my favorite places to go.
Auke Rec Afternoon

Similar to October Reflections, but with a colder, darker and bolder feel.
Auke Lake Reflection

A small creek and some red rocks lend some warmth to a chilly, early spring scene taken from Auke Recreational Area in Juneau, Alaska.
Start of Spring Runoff

A spectacular sunset shows off its colors on a winter evening at Eagle Beach, lending its glow to the waters of Lynn Canal with the Chilkat Mountain Range in the background.
Eagle Beach Winter Sunset

Looking across the waters of the Indian Cove area at a mountaintop of Douglas Island just peaking through the clouds on a cold March day.
Douglas Island & Clouds

The world famous blues of the South Sawyer Glacier, located in the Tracy Arm/Fords Terror Wilderness south of Juneau, show their stuff on a bright summer day.
South Sawyer Glacier

Gentle waves make their way past a small boat dock and towards the shoreline of Fritz Cove on a warm summer evening.
Fritz Cove Waves of Color

Using the Mendenhall Glacier as a background, a typical cloudy autumn day allows for better photography of the surrounding foliage.
Mendenhall Glacier Fall Colors

Point Retreat Lighthouse


Alaska pictures
Alaska images