This page is a result of numerous requests I've received in regards to viewing previous photo's of the week. They are sorted starting with the first "photo of the week" shown on this website and are dated the week they were posted. Some if these images you will not see in any of the galleries, so if you're interested in purchasing a print please use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


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Blooming Lupine and Coast Mountains

Alaskan Light

Bald Eagle in Flight

Chilkat Mountain Range Pastels

Into the Abyss

Fritz Cove Shoreline

Point Retreat Lighthouse

Lynn Canal Sunset

Striking a Pose

Mendenhall Glacier Face

Northern Lights at Mendenhall Glacier

Shrine of St. Therese

Skier at the Mendenhall Glacier

Moonset Over Chilkats

Alaska Cotton and Wild Iris

Eagle Beach Winter Sunset

Alaska Cotton and Old Cabin

Auke Bay Winter Light

Through Black & White Eyes

A different kind of beauty, from the Indian Peaks Wilderness area of my home state of Colorado.  Taken during my two week vacation at the end of March 2007.
Collegiate Peaks Range of Colorado

Humpback Whale & Coast Mountains

Ice formations at Eagle Beach, taken at low tide on a very, very cold winter evening.
Ice Formations at Low Tide

Symmetrical lines of beach sand exposed during low tide at Eagle Beach.
Lines in the Sand

Bald Eagle swooping in for a meal.
Ready to Strike

Bald Eagle & Sea Lions sitting on a buoy with Point Retreat Lighthouse and the Chilkat Mountains in the background.  Taken on 5/13/2007.
Good Day on the Water

The Stars and Stripes flying over Juneau, Alaska.  Taken from the back deck of the Navy Warship USS Bunker Hill during a private tour on 5/17/2007.
Old Glory from the USS Bunker Hill

Humpback Whale Calf breaching from the waters of Favorite Channel in Southeast Alaska.  Taken on 5/26/2007.
Baby Breach

Recent calving activity at the Mendenhall Glacier has left numerous large icebergs like the one pictured floating in the lake.  The glacier face is in the background.
Mendenhall Lake Icebergs 6/3/2007

Another more recent version of the 5/13/2007 photo of the week, this one taken on 6/1/2007 and from a different angle, looking east towards the Coast Mountains and Eagle Glacier, which descends from the Juneau Icefield.  I guess the only thing missing from this one is a whale!
Good Day on the Water Part II

The annual bloom of Lupine on Point Louisa draws me to this particular place every June.  Looking east towards Auke Bay and the Coast Mountains.  Taken on 6/8/2007.
Summer Lupine on Point Louisa

A Humpback Whale breaches from the waters of Lynn Canal near Point Retreat Lighthouse.
Humback Whale Breach 6/17/2007

Lavender, blue, and fiery pink hues at sunset near Eagle Beach.  Pure alaskan light.
Fiery Sunset Reflection

Nicely framed shot of the Mendenhall Glacier on a perfect summer day for shooting black & white photos.
Mendenhall Glacier - Black & White w/ Sepia

Adult Bald Eagle swooping in for a meal.  Taken with a 400mm telephoto lens on a bright, sunny day.
Gliding Along the Water 7/1/2007

Huge Sitka Spruce (the Alaska State Tree) precariously perched on top of a boulder, with roots extending to the ground below. Taken up close and personal with a wide angle lens to include the surrounding foliage and other trees.
Roots - Tongass National Forest

As the title suggests, a curious Marmot (looking for food, no doubt) that came close enough for me to photograph with a 200mm lens.  I only had time to take one shot before he took off into the woods.
Curious Marmot

Taken on a cloudy June afternoon, looking South towards Douglas Island (on the far left) and the mountains of Admiralty Island.  The tide was coming in so fast the spot I was shooting from was covered by water in less than 5 minutes.
Incoming Tide

A spectacular Humpback Whale Breach from the waters of Southeast Alaska, looking North towards Lynn Canal and the Chilkat Mountains.  Taken on 7/15/2007.
Spectacular Breach

One of my favorite views in Juneau, taken while coming back into Auke Bay and looking northeast towards the Coast Mountains and the Juneau Icefield.  Taken on 7/15/2007.
Auke Bay Boat Harbor

What can I say, lots of whale photos lately because it's whale season!  This was a group of Humpback Whales bubble net feeding with the scene beautifully backlit.  Taken on 7/17/2007.
Backlit Bubble Net Feeding

A humpback whale emerges from the depths of Chatam Strait in the waters of Southeast Alaska during a feeding ritual known as Bubble Net Feeding.  Such truly amazing creatures...
Up From the Depths

This summer has produced an incredible display of blooming flowers, in this case yellow Indian Paintbrush and some leftover purple Lupine, which usually don't bloom at the same time.  Taken near the local Boy Scout Camp and Eagle River.
Indian Paintbrush & Coast Mountains

I recently had some fun experimenting with long shutter speeds on a windy summer day near a patch of a local plant called Devil's Club (if you've ever had the misfortune of tangling with this plant while hiking around the Juneau area you'd know why it's so properly named).
Devil's Club Motion

I also had some fun recently experimenting with some new software that allows you to take several different exposures and combine them to show a wider range of light, closer to what the human eye sees.  A camera cannot capture some scenes like this in just one shot.
Steep Creek & Mendenhall Glacier

Classic Juneau view of the Mendenhall Glacier with fireweed in the foreground.  It's hard to put a new spin on this scene, as it's been shot from seemingly every angle, but I gave it a shot...
Mendenhall Glacier and Fireweed

An adult black bear with unique cinnamon coloring takes a stroll down the side of a stream looking for fish to eat.  Taken 8/10/2007.
Cinnamon Colored Black Bear

A mother black bear surveys the scene before taking her two cubs (the other one is out of sight) down to a stream to fish.
Mother Bear & Cub

An adult black beat strikes a perfect pose while surveying a stream for it's next meal.
Fishing During the Golden Hour

A beautiful blue sky reflects in an Alaskan stream as a rather large adult black bear takes a casual stroll upstream looking for food.
Adult Black Bear Taking a Stroll

A beautiful stand of Aspen trees near Guanella Pass glows in the afternoon sunshine.
Aspens Trees Reaching Skyward

Taken right before the sun sets behind a mountain ridge, Aspen trees display colors ranging from yellow, orange, green and even a little red.
Glowing Aspen near Sunset

Blue sky and 14,259 ft. Longs Peak stand as a backdrop for a mountainside of Aspen trees and the blue waters of Bear Lake below.
Bear Lake & Rocky Mountain National Park

Two massive Bull Elk cruise through a high alpine meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park looking to defend their herds of Cow Elk against other males.
Bull Elk during Mating Season

Taken near the same location of the previous photo of the week, with 14,259 ft. Longs Peak framed by a beautiful stand of glowing aspen trees and the blue waters of Bear Lake below.
Bear Lake & Rocky Mountain National Park - Part II

The late afternoon sunshine lights up an east facing ridge near Guanella Pass, located near the town of Georgetown, Colorado.
Guanella Pass Afternoon

A close up shot reveals the intricate patterns and bathing golden light displayed by a dense stand of backlit aspen trees.
The Golden Hour

With so many photos to choose from on my visit to Guanella Pass near Georgetown, Colorado, I chose one more backlit shot taken in one of many beatiful stands of aspen trees I encountered that day.
The Golden Hour - Part II